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It would be fair to say at some point in time, maybe in the dusty season or after coming home from a long vacation or even in usual times, you must have looked at the range of upholstery in your home and felt your skin crawl.

How Does It Work?

Upholstery is a combination of fibers built to cover your furniture and give the utmost level of comfort and style. This fabric is quite delicate and is susceptible to any wear and tear. As dust and dirt get deposited on them, these fibers slowly weaken, and the quality of your furniture begins to deteriorate. The only cure is to clean them regularly and with all the attention that they need.

We Do It In Three Ways :

1) Dry Cleaning : This method is used when manufacturers recommend that fabrics not be wet. We also use this method when there is a risk of shrinkage or color bleeding.

2) Low Moisture Cleaning : While not as common as the next method, low-moisture cleaning is excellent at removing spots and spills from fabric, and it dries much faster than hot-water extraction.

3) Steam Cleaning : We will use steam cleaning when appropriate for upholstered furniture that needs a lot of extra attention. This method is great for flushing out contaminants, but takes the longest to dry the furniture.

You can rest assured that the technicians will perform a thorough pre-inspection and select the right tool for the job regardless of the method they use to clean your furniture.

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Having the surface of your precious chairs, couches, and many more covered with a layer of dust is bound to be a pet peeve for any homeowner. Let Liberty Carpet Cleaning Pros help you clean the furniture and upholstery for you.

The layers of dust and dirt often contain strains of harmful germs that can cause harm to your children and their health and trigger different kinds of allergic reactions in you. The entire matter can, all in all, lead to significant chaos, which can later get very difficult to deal with. So, it is of high importance that your upholstery gets the same level of care that all the other aspects of your house. It is just fair, yes? But we get it. It can get very trying to clean all those furniture yourself but fret not, for this is where we come in. Over at Liberty Carpet Cleaners Pros , we pledge to take off all your upholstery woes while you stand up and rest easy!

Why Should You Get Your Upholstery Cleaned?

For any budding homeowner, the furniture is a significant part of their home experience. But, a layer of dust on top of the upholstery of those precious pieces of furniture is not very desirable. Getting your upholstery cleaned is a very beneficial and fruitful process. Cleaning the upholstery helps in getting rid of any germs and grimes that might be hiding. It also improves the overall air quality inside the house and helps in removing various germs that might cause allergies. On top of that, it also helps in keeping the shiny look of your furniture intact.

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Now, this is quite the effortless part. The frequency in which you should clean your house depends on the population you have residing inside. It depends on pets, babies, and many such factors. The recommended frequency is twice per year, but if it is not possible, then once every six months should work. So, while you take pride in your home, leave the job of upholstery cleaning to us. With an experienced team, professional knowledge of how, and updated types of equipment, we will take care of it all and make your home squeaky clean!


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